Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shots, etc.

Yesterday was Jack's 4 month drs. appt. Well check-ups are always fun because they mean shots- eeks! The check-up went well, and the doctor was pleased with Jack's growth and development, and even strongly suggested we start him on a little rice cereal (because of his size). She even said he's a little advanced- Mike says he gets it from him. :-) At the end of the appointment is when they do the shots- I have Jack on an alternative schedule where he goes every month and gets half the amount of shots each time. He was an angel the whole visit, until just before it was time for him to be immunized- it's like he knew! So, as you can imagine, yesterday afternoon, last night and today have all been pretty low key. He's fairly fussy, and I can tell his legs hurt. Last night he ran a little bit of a fever. Hopefully he'll feel better soon and be back to his cheery self!

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