Monday, April 28, 2008

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Today was a good day. Jack was a little fussy like he has been the last couple of days, but I think it's his teeth bothering him. We had a low key day... played this morning, bundled up and went for a walk (it was 60), made some baby food (see the post below), took some naps, and went to breastfeeding group. After being away from him so much the last couple of days, it was nice to hang out with my boy for a "normal" day. Jack loves to be outside, so it was nice to get out of the house. Yesterday afternoon, we went over to Allison and Kenny's and played outside. The adults played bocce ball (boys vs. girls, and let's just say that Allison and I need some practice!)/ chased Kennison around the yard. Jack hung out in the stroller and then took a nap outside in Colton's carrier (who was in the house napping in his crib). We grilled a pork tenderloin for dinner and it was a fun afternoon. My mom got Jack some soft boxes that are each a different color. Each box has four items in it that are it's color- today Jack was playing with items out of the red box. Apparently they taste good, too! Because he was a little cranky, I let him hang out naked- his favorite! The video is of a couple of his favorite pasttimes- kicking and talking!

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LaLa said...

He's HUGE! :)