Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lack of Updates and Prayer Request

Sorry for the lack of updates! We are in Florida and silly Mommy left her computer bag in the car when we left the airport. We will have LOTS of pictures to upload when we get back tomorrow, because Mommy has been going crazy with the camera! Mommy also took a little tumble yesterday. She was helping Papa Jack get grapefruits out of the tree and was showing off what a good grapefruit catcher she was when she stepped off the grass. Her knee popped out of socket (Papa Jack said he heard it- ewww!)but it popped back in a minute later. She had x-rays and everything looked ok so they called it a sprain. She has to take an anti-inflammatory and prednisone and she can't carry me which I DO NOT like at all! But she's feeling better today and is hoping to have a successful airplane trip with me tomorrow! She says she might have to stop coming to FL because the last two times she's gotten sick!

Also, there is a little boy named Jacob whose blog we read. He is 114 days old (around Cousin Colton's age)and has Trisomy 18. It is a miracle he has survived this long, but he is having a rough couple of days. If you would send over thoughts or prayers for this little guy and his family, I know they would be very appreciated. Jacob's life has already exceeded expectations of the doctors. Mommy and I are praying for peace for his family, and for all the days God has ordained for him here on Earth until it's time for him to play with Jesus in heaven. He's quite a guy- he even writes ALL his own blog posts!

Talk to all you guys soon! Pictures next time!


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