Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sitting, Sipping, and Reaching

Jack is doing so well with his sitting! He's sitting for up to 10 mintues at a time now, and is just barely supporting himself with his hands. It's like it just clicked all of the sudden. We've also been working on using a sippy cup. He's done consistently well with it when he eats cereal and veggies, but today was into drinking from it while sitting in the living room. We either put pumped milk or water in it- actually he seems to like the water better from a cup, which is fine with me (less mess, no milk wasted). Today he did well, but couldn't quite figure out where to put his mouth, as you can see in the pictures. Jack has also started reaching for me to pick him up. I thought he might be doing it for a while, but today it was undeniable! Talk about melting your heart. Enjoy the cute pictures of my big boy! You can click on the collage to see the pictures bigger.

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Lala said...

TORI!!! Jack is such a SMART boy! He looks like he may also be starting to try to crawl or scoot! :)