Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What do you need?

A blog I like to read, Mama's Cup, posted this little game today. Because my boy is asleep and Mike is at a Royals game... and because I'm avoiding folding a load of diapers, I thought I'd do it. It's pretty hilarious!

Just Google your first name and then the word "needs" to see what you need. According to Google, here's what I need:

Tori needs...

+ more friends that have kids the same age as her kids. Ok, I'll go with this one.

+ the crocs! I used to hate crocks, until I got pregnant, and they were the only shoes my blimp-o feet would fit into.

+ to work on her hairstyle. I don't think it's the style that has an issue, it's my lack of actually STYLING.

+ a job coach on site. Um, is this an attack on my mothering style?!

+ to be paid as much if not more than the others. Absolutely!

+ to rock! Woo hoo!

+ to straighten up and fly right. I wasn't away I was flying wrong. Actually, I wasn't aware I could fly.

+ to stop getting plastic surgery. Shhh. You weren't supposed to tell!

+ to blab incessantly about the baby. Me? Blab incessantly? Never! Especially not about Jack!

+ some serious help. Ok, now that's just mean.

+ a good site with fairies flying all around. Um... what?


Now, what do YOU need?

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