Thursday, September 4, 2008

Easy Crockpot Baby Vegetable Medley

I was staring at the left over potatoes in our fruit bowl on the counter yesterday, and had a brainstorm. Jack is almost done with baby food, but in the meantime, I thought I'd spice up his life a little. I mean, how often do you eat a vegetable by itself, plain, all at once? So, I made him a little vegetable medley. I've been mildly obsessed with my crockpot lately, and got the idea for trying out Jack's food in the crockpot from this blog.

Basically, I took all the vegetable I could find leftover in our house, added some frozen ones, a little water, and cooked on low for about 8 hours- it basically turns to mush. Mike came home and thought it was what we were having for dinner... and was very relieved that it wasn't! Then I used a slotted spoon to spoon the veggies into the blender in batches. DON'T drain the water away- it has all the nutrients! Use it to think out the texture of the puree. I left Jack's pretty thick, because he's past the smooth phase. Then I poured into single serving containers and froze.

DSC01338 Here's what I used:

4 small red potatoes, peeled

1 large sweet potato, peeled

1 squash

1/2 a bag of frozen peas

1/4 a bag of frozen lima beans

1/4 a bag of frozen spinach

1/2 a bag of baby carrots

1/4 a bag of frozen broccoli

Jack ate one container that I left in the fridge for lunch today, and loved it. I tasted it, and it has a nice creamy texture (from the potatoes) and was mildly sweet (from the sweet potato and carrots). It made a ton, so I'm also planning to thin individual servings out a little and use as a pasta sauce for Jack.

Jack really enjoyed it!

DSC01339 DSC01255

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