Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fun Jack Facts

Jack is growing and changing every day. Here are a few uniquely Jack things...

  • DSC01804Jack is very adept at peek-a-boo. He plays it with all kinds of things, and really likes objects he can look through. His newest word is "boo" (more like "beew") and it completely tickles him.
  • Jack is quite the talker. He adds a word every couple of days, it seems like. He says a few words (mama, dada, hi, boo, up, uh-oh, and hot) without prompting. He says lots of other words repetitively after we say them (hipp0, airplane, apple, and sometimes thank you and down). He also sometimes signs "more" and "milk," but isn't really into the whole signing thing.
  • Jack wants to be just like his daddy, and tries to imitate him. When Daddy snaps his fingers, Jack tries too! He waggles his fingers and opens and closes his palms. It's too funny!
  • DSC01791Jack has FINALLY started to finger feed himself. For all that he can do verbally, his fine motor skills have been slow going. But he's doing it now, when he feels like it anyhow, and we are so happy for him. I'm trying to make lunches almost exclusively finger foods to help him learn. He is also finally starting to drink more water from a sippy cup, which should help in a few weeks when we introduce whole milk.
  • Jack loves the following, in no particular order: swings, the refrigerator and freezer, big mirrors, computers, cell phones, mommy's coffee cup, being outside, hanging out with Daddy in the morning (ok maybe Mommy loves this event more... zzzzzz), yogurt, lift-the-flap books, and playing with his cousins.
  • DSC01795Jack also has a serious love of combs. Seriously. Hand him a comb, and he's happy. He can "comb" his own hair, and sometimes combs yours if you ask him to (just watch your eyes!). Currently he's playing with Kennison's purple comb most of the time. To each his own, right?

Hope you enjoyed Jack trivia day!

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amosclarkson said...

Yay to finger foods & sippy cups! It's so funny what they find funny & are interested in. Eli loves cell phones, too, and cries (actually a full out fit) if you are talking on the phone & you don't let him play with it. But of course, when you put the phone on speaker phone & hand it to him, he hangs up on them almost immediately!!