Monday, October 27, 2008

A post full of pictures

We have a great time around here on Thursdays and Fridays that I watch Kennison and Colton. Every day is an adventure, and no two are alike, although I do try to stick to a general routine (specifically, one that involves three afternoon naps at the same time)! Here are some cute pictures of this past week.

  DSC01814 DSC01817

Colton was having a not so great day on Thursday. He was fussy, and Jack wanted to know why. It's neat to see them starting to interact together. We're hoping they'll be the bestest of friends!


Here's a much happier Coco. Oh what fun we have in the kitchen (and you will see later in the post!


On the way home from picking up Kennison from preschool on Friday, all three kids fell asleep in the car. They didn't even wake up when I pulled into the garage. So I did what any good mom would do... I left the door into the garage open (it opens into our kitchen), carried all the stuff in the house, went to the bathroom, and started lunch until the first one woke up (Jack, of course).

DSC01854 DSC01856

On the menu for lunch that day? Oatmeal carrot cheeseburgers (burger patties with oatmeal and carrots mixed in) for Kennison and Jack, and broccoli mac n' cheese for all three. We didn't have any buns, so I got creative and used the heels of a loaf of bread, and cut it with a heart cookie cutter. Unfortunately, this is all she ate.

DSC01857 DSC01858

While I was cleaning up, Kennison decided she would "help" and "feed" Colton what was left of his noodles. Right. There's a reason those words are in quotes. She kept saying he wanted more, and I didn't think much of adding little bits to his bowl... until I went to get him down, and saw he and the floor were wearing most of his lunch. The white ghost on his shirt was ORANGE, so it went straight to the wash, along with Jack's outfit since I let him feed himself.

Always an adventure and we love every minute of it!

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