Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me! Monday


In case you're interested, the host of Not me! Monday, MckMama, had her beautiful newest baby boy, MckMuffin, on October 29th (that's right, Jack's birthday!).

So, on to the Not me! madness...

I did not lay in bed Sunday morning, opting to skip church in order to sleep in. I did not continue to wake up and look at the clock, only to turn over and go back to sleep until 9:45 knowing my boys were happily playing downstairs. It did not feel like I got to sleep until 10:45 because it wasn't the first morning of Daylight Savings Time. :-)

I am not currently listening to Jack "play" in his crib, because he did not wake up after only 30 minutes of a morning nap.

I did not take 346 pictures during the month of October. I do not have the cutest boy in the history of the world and I am most certainly not biased about that!

I am definitely not concerned that Jack is becoming uber spoiled as we will not celebrate his birthday for the third time this coming weekend.

I have not decided that since I stay at home just about all the time now, showering is probably only an every other day necessity. I do not live in my pj's and no matter what anyone tells you, I never wear the same out fit for more than one day in a row!

What did you not do this week? Join in the fun times and do your own Not me! post!

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