Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!


What a wonderful Halloween we had this year. Last year was wonderful for completely different reasons, as it was the day our tiny Jack-o-lantern came home for the very first time.


Well, this year was slightly less momentous, but so very fun. I put Jack and Colton's costumes on them to go to breastfeeding group, and while it took Jack a bit to warm up and be monster-ish, they were so cute!

DSC02017 DSC02023


This evening we ended up getting together with Grandma, Grandpa, Allison, Kenny, Kennison and Colton for a scary dinner and a little Trick or Treating. Jack and Colton stayed in the wagon except for one house, but they both loved being outside and riding around.

DSC02052 DSC02059 DSC02066 DSC02067


Yesterday Jack, Colton and I went to Kennison's Pumpkin Party at preschool. Kennison was so cute in her ballerina costume, and we all had a great time playing games and chasing each other around the preschool gym.

DSC01993DSC02009 DSC02003

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