Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

So neither Jack nor I has been out since Monday. Today, since he was dressed in a Christmas-y looking outfit that Aunt Allison gave him for Christmas, I tried to shoot some pictures of him with our tree. I wouldn't say the photo shoot was easy, but it sure was fun!

First I asked him to say "cheese," and this is what I got (times 2). Apparently in his world cheese means growl.

Dec 028 Dec 029

I did manage to get a few cute shots. Here they are for your viewing pleasure!

Dec 030 Dec 031

Dec 033 Dec 034

1 comment:

amosclarkson said...

Jack, you look like you are such a good boy around your tree! Eli likes to "shake hands" with the tree & pull on the ornaments....even though we have it blocked...he finds a way! Love your cute little outfit, too!