Saturday, December 6, 2008

Old Navy Baby

As an early Christmas present to Jack- or maybe to his mama, considering he would be just as happy going around naked- he got two new Old Navy sweater outfits. And, of course, I just had to see how fast he could show them off.

We went to visit Santa today, and although those pictures are still forthcoming, he did a great job! Here's he is in his new Old Navy bold colored striped sweater, along with Kennison in her pretty Christmas dress, waiting for Daddy to meet us for lunch afterwards.

Dec 009

Then, tonight we celebrated Christmas with Allison and Kenny and crew, because there were several gifts we were eager for each other to be able to use.

Who is that cuddly baby in the adorably brown striped sweater suit?

Dec 018

Hmmm... playing with a baby doll...

Dec 013

Walking away. Well that narrows it down!

Dec 020

What a cutie profile. I know who it is!

Dec 022

It's little man Jack!

Dec 023

Allison and Kenny have a dancing snowman and dog that Jack loves. Here's a video of the coolest dancing moves you've ever seen!


amosclarkson said...

Eli has some equally as cool dance moves to his dancing Christmas tree & singing Rudolph stocking. I'll have to get video of them soon & post them on our blog. He points at each one & gets very upset if you don't make them sing and/or dance. LOVE the sweaters....too cute!! We plan on going to see Santa this coming!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jack. You are a very good dancer. Since Jack likes this singing snowman and dog we are going to send him one. My sister has a friend that works at Hallmark and last year after Christmas they had a whole box of singing snowman and penguins like the one that he was dancing too. She gave me a few extra to have on hand if I found someone that might like to have one. I guess we have found a candidate for one. We put new batteries in it for him so it would play as soon as he opened it. Sorry we are not going to get to see ya over Christmas. This year has really been busy. We hope ya have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see you soon. Give Jack hugs and kisses from us and tell him we love and miss him very much. We check the blog every day and enjoy keeping up with the new things that he is learning. Take care.
The Marks
Tenna,Wendell,Savannah, Jay, Carlton, and Jacob

Lorie said...

That is a great little outfit! I love little boy clothes!