Monday, December 22, 2008

(Mostly a) Picture Update

We had a great weekend heading into this Christmas week, and we're set to have a great week too! Daddy only has to work today and tomorrow, so Jack (and Mommy!) are looking forward to a long, long weekend with him home!

This weekend was REALLY cold. We tried to stay inside as much as possible to stay warm. Jack was a good sport about it, and we had fun playing and dancing (Jack's favorite).


Last night we loaded up ALL the kids and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house with Allison and Kenny and clan. We had so much fun! What's that? You want to know where Jack's adorable shirt came from? Oh, ok, twist my arm. It's a Monkey Stitch creation especially for him by his mommy! Click here

(or below!)

monkey stitch jpeg with border

to see lots more of what we've been working on lately!

DSC02452 DSC02453

Ahem. After that totally shameless plug, I suppose I might as well go ahead and show you the Christmas shirts I made for Jack and Kennison. They were so into modeling for me, as you can tell.


My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in SC sent Jack this sweet Cars robe that lights up when he moves. He loved wearing it around tonight, and made some crazy faces while parading around. He absolutely keeps us in stitches.

DSC02470 DSC02473


Check back tomorrow for some videos of Jack shaking his groove thing! And now for another shameful plug.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all of you. Jack you are so adorable in your Cars bathrobe, but we knew that you would be because you are a chick magnet with your big blue eyes and your beautiful smile. We wish you lived closer to us so we could play with you and spoil you. Thanks for the pictures that you sent us. We hope that you are having fun with your ball pit, books, and singing snowman. Tell mom that she needs to post some pictures of you over the holidays with all your toys that we know that Santa will be bringing you since you are such a sweet boy. Have fun with GIGI and tell her we all from SC love her and wish her a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also, tell mom that we would like to see a picture of you with Santa. Remember be good and we love you.
The Marks from South Carolina
Tenna, Wendell, Savannah, Jay, Carlton and Jacob