Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas Eve

By: Jack

Yesterday was a really fun day. I am a big boy now, and sometimes I don't want to nap in the morning anymore. Since yesterday was one of those days, Mommy said I could go shopping with her for one more present for Daddy. We got him an awesome orange shirt because Mommy and Daddy both love orange. After Kohls, where we ran into my friend Callie and Mommy's friend Miss Cheryl, we went to lunch with Allison, Kenny, Kennison and Colton, and Daddy met us too!

Here I am making some silly faces!

DSC02486 DSC02490 DSC02485 DSC02507

And here are Kennison and Colton being cute.

DSC02492 DSC02496

I played pattycake with Daddy and Aunt A-sin (that's how I say Allison now).

DSC02502 DSC02500

See my shirt? The store made it just for me, because it has my name on it. It says lumberJACK and my daddy bought it just for me!


After lunch we came home and Mommy and I both took a nap. Then we got ready for church and she tried again to make me stand by the Christmas tree to get my picture taken. I don't really like to stand still, so these were the best of the bunch.

DSC02516 DSC02523

I was very good at church. I made it longer than I have through a service in a long time! Then we went to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner with Aunt Allison, Uncle Kenny, Kennison and Coco plus Allison's family, Nana, Dale and Angela. I cried a lot when the chef was cooking, but I sure did like the food. I even ate with chopsticks for the first time!

DSC02532 DSC02539 DSC02540 DSC02543

We didn't get a family picture, but here are a couple of pictures from dinner of Mommy and Daddy, plus one of me and Mommy from last year. Look how little I was! And yes, Mommy is embarrassed that she's wearing the same sweater, but I don't see what the big deal is!


I'm so grown up this year!

DSC02548 Christmas 07 (1)

After dinner we stopped by Allison and Kenny's house to exchange presents with Nana and Dale... and Mommy and Daddy let me open one present, new pj's to wear to bed! That was a Christmas tradition for Mommy that she wants to pass on to me.

DSC02549 DSC02551

After I changed into my pj's we headed home so I could get right to bed... you know, so Santa could stop by!


Merry Christmas to everyone!

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