Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So much to be thankful for

Our Thanksgiving was truly a wonderful week of family, food, and fun... oh, and more food. Jack and I got into Jax at 11pm on Sunday evening (the 23rd). By the way, flying late at night with Jack is a BAD idea. My sister came home from school Tuesday afternoon, then my grandmother Momsie and my dad's sister Carol drove in on Wednesday. Carol just stayed for the day, but it was great to see her and have her meet Jack for the first time!

We did very little but play, eat, and spend time together, and it was great to be home with no agenda. I did go into work on Tuesday (with Jack) and Wednesday (without Jack) for a bit, and of course, woke up at 5am on Friday to stand in line outside K-Mart. I hit four stores, all before 9 am, and got some great deals. I'm a sucker for a deal.


We got back Saturday evening, and had dinner at Allison and Kenny's with Mike's parents and Allison's parents. Sunday we had a great time at the Friedrich Family Thanksgiving, and it's so neat to see Jack interact with his boy cousins (Kennison is the only little girl at the moment).

Have I mentioned just how big my boy's eyes are? Seriously.


After basking in the warm weather of FL, it was time to get back to cold as usual winter in MO. I try to get Jack outside some when it's cold, because he likes it so much and he sleeps better at night after getting out. It's supposed to snow tomorrow, so we went out today, in his first pair of big-boy hard soled shoes he's ever worn. He did a good job walking up and down the driveway in them! He likes to see just how close to the curb I'll let him get... what a stinker!

 DSC02285 DSC02288

Jack and I love to ride bikes, and rode today since the weather was decent. We couldn't ride for long, though, because the wind in my face was making my asthma act up. Jack, however, loves the wind, and laughs at it. Here are pictures of him in his helmet and one of his sweet ride.

DSC02290  DSC02292 DSC02293

That's all for now! More updates to come!

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