Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

For our first real snow of the year, we all bundled up and had some quality playtime in the snow. Although the ratio of preparation to playtime was 2:1 (20 minutes of stuffing ourselves in snowsuits to 10 minutes of play) a good time was had by all. Here's the story in pics (and captions)...

Jack and Colton are all ready to go! Here's a hug, buddy! Oops, kaboom! These snowsuits are hard to get around in!

DSC02355 DSC02359

DSC02362 DSC02363

Finally outside... but a little unsure of it all.

DSC02365 DSC02375 DSC02380 DSC02373

But, we're "warming" up to it, so to speak!

DSC02378 DSC02377 DSC02394 DSC02392 

Kennison discovered that throwing snow in the air results in snow falling on your face... not her favorite, clearly.


Jack isn't such a fan of falling in the snow. With two crying babies, it's time to head inside.


Once inside, we enjoyed hot chocolate and naps!


Oh, and my snow baby's cute as can be snowsuit?

It was his daddy's, once upon a time.


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amosclarkson said...

Love the black & white picture! I have a story about snow suits that I'll post on my blog soon....drama! We have yet to get outside due to the drama :)