Saturday, January 17, 2009

CVS-ing Week 3


1 Kotex Maxi with Wings bundled with Kotex Light Days $3.27- $1 coupon

1 NasoGel gel spray $7.99- $2 coupon

1 Orbit Peppermint Gum $1.29 (plus a lesson learned)*

Original total: $12.55

After coupons and $9.98 in Extra Bucks I spent .00



1 Cottonelle Moist Wipes Combo Pack 5.98- .50 coupon

2 Boxes Gold Emblem (CVS brand) Cheese Crackers $3.94- $3 CVS brand coupon**

1 Kleenex tissues with lotion 3 pk $3.69 -$1 off coupon

1 12 oz. milk (for coffee :-)... and to help me reach $15) $1.29

Original total: 15.09

After coupons and $7.90 in Extra Bucks I spent .28 cents (which was the tax).


With both trips combined, I earned $15.99 in Extra Bucks for next week.


*On my trip Sunday, I only had two Extra Bucks receipts, on for $10.00 and one for $9.98. I had to add gum at the register last minute because I didn't have $9.98 worth of merchandise after my coupons scanned. I didn't know you can't get Extra Bucks back, so I had to grab something quickly in order not to lose money.

** I recently learned from a couple of blogs I read that the $3 off any CVS brand coupon isn't authorized. I thought because I was printing it from an online newspaper that it was ok, but found out that the newspaper was only supposed to put it in their print version. Because I'm not in the business of ripping off CVS, I won't be using that coupon anymore. Yes, I love a good deal, but not an unethical one.

12 week total CVS cash spending so far: $2.53

12 week total savings so far: $125.75


Lauren said...

yeah... but how much are you spending in gas?!?! haha :)

Anjanette said...

I think you've convinced me. I had ignored the cvs stuff before, but seeing your savings all laid out makes me want to try. I just spend entirely too long doing the research and I think I'm gonna try it!

Anjanette said...

Ok, well... I tried it and it wasn't a total bust. Made a couple of rookie mistakes and got a little annoyed with the cvs employees (which one do you go to?) but I think I've got it now. Will you be at Amy's house Wed? Maybe I can run a question or two by you?