Saturday, January 17, 2009

House of Sickies

Jack and Mike have both been sick.  I'm doing my best not to catch any of it, so cross your fingers!

Mike caught the stomach bug that's been circling our parts since New Year's Eve and was home from work yesterday. From Allison to Colton to Kenny and now Mike, this is one mean (and lasting!) bug. He seems much better today, and even ate a frozen pizza with me for dinner.

Jack hadn't been eating well all week, had been waking up at night and was SO. FUSSY. on Thursday, that I thought about calling the doctor just in case it was his ears. Well, he solved that problem for me as he woke up at 4 am with a 102 degree fever. Long story short, he has an ear infection.

The boys spend the majority of yesterday and today in this position.


Yes, Jack is actually sleeping. Out in the open. With the tv on. It's been approximately 6 months since that happened.

The antibiotic seemed to be working this morning, as he was somewhat back to his happy, playful self.

DSC02759  DSC02765 DSC02760

Unfortunately by dinner time the fever was back, and he was once again pale and unhappy.

DSC02758 DSC02766

Pouty lips and all.


And yes, he was in the same pj's all day... and returned to them after a bath to try to bring his fever down this evening.

As I type, he's back downstairs with us, burning up, after going to bed at 7 for a few hours. He's found his happy spot on Daddy's lap and I'll probably just let him sleep with me tonight.

Here's hoping for a better tomorrow.


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amosclarkson said...

Hope the boys feel better soon!