Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why you shouldn't take pictures of kids on your cell phone

I realized it's been a good little while since I gave an update. We are here. We are well. Life is good.

Jack FINALLY started eating again yesterday, after almost two weeks of refusing anything and everything except baby cereal. As much as I'm ready to be done nursing, it's probably a good thing we still are because I'm sure that helped sustain him.

Anyway, I haven't really taken any pictures lately. Not really sure why, I just haven't. But I did notice that I have a lot of cute pictures on my cell phone from various events around our parts so I thought I'd share those.

Um... actually, looking at them I realized that you really shouldn't expect pictures of kids on your cell phone to come out well. Or to come out at all. Kids don't stay still, and apparently any little movement on a cell camera causes a blurry mess. In fact, other than this one of Kennison the first day I took her to preschool...


the only other non-blurry ones are of Jack sleeping. So anyway, here goes!

IMG00043 IMG00044

Jack being a walrus (see the straw in his mouth?) and clapping vigorously at a restaurant.


Kennison growling at the camera while Colton hangs out in a kitchen drawer.

IMG00060 IMG00061

The kids playing in the Diego ball pit that my aunt and uncle sent Jack for Christmas. And now for the "good" ones.


Jack asleep last week when he was sick.


Jack asleep looking cute in his sweater vest. Although the white balance on this one is out of control.

And thus ends our lesson on why you shouldn't take pictures of kids on your cell phone.

Oh, and P.S. go here to see pictures of how much Jack loved his latest haircut.

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