Thursday, March 12, 2009

Name that Tune

March 08 (4) 1

This picture was taken a year ago, one of a series that I love. In fact, another one of those series is used as part of our blog header. Think it might be time to update it? I seriously can't believe how fast this time with my little man is flying.

Jack can now "sing" several songs, and does so throughout the day at random times, as well as sings along with me. Its so cute to hear him from the backseat or look up to see him singing. Sometimes he sings to himself while putting himself down for a nap or just after waking up. I love hearing him over the monitor and usually sneak upstairs to peek in and watch him singing into the mirror in his crib. I'll have to get some of these on video soon, but for now,  here's a recap of some of his specialties...

"Happy uh day ah yoo" (repeated over and over)- Happy Birthday

"Whoa, whoa, whoa"- Row, Row, Row Your Boat

"Pea, pea, pea. Pea, pea, pea. Ohwwwwwld"- Peas Porridge Hot

"I yuh you. You me. Happy (kissy sound)."- The Barney Song

"Ay Bee Cees. Now my no my."- The ABC Song

"Ah ah ah ah ah"- when he wants me to sing When All of the Raindrops

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Anjanette said...

yay! We'll all have clovers on! :) It turned out well for my first try. I'm showing my craft group how to applique tonight so I did a few tests and have some more to do. So fun! I'm bringing your alligator shirt to show them and now I can bring the lovebirds!! yay!