Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Days in the Life

This cube/ottoman has become a favorite toy to stand on or sit in, not to mention the fact that it's full of toys.

DSC03013 DSC03014

Another favorite activity around these parts is the ball pit. Check out Kennison's static!

DSC03016 DSC03007

Loving on the elephant


Coco didn't feel great this weekend. Here he is lounging in the rocking chair.


And later asleep with the chair's kickstand turned out into an infant carrier. Yes it's the same night. Don't ask why he's in a different outfit.


Attempting to get a good shot of all the kiddos...


Finally, a decent shot!



Anjanette said...

Such sweet pictures in the last couple of posts! Congrats again on your precious jumping bean! :)

Hope Jack's having a good day - poor guy got it rough on Monday!

Hoping to see you at the birthday party, but it dawned on me that my nieces birthday (end of April) is approaching quickly and I haven't solidified an order with you. I still have plenty of time to find something else, so don't feel bad if your big baby and your tiny baby are taking up all of your sewing time. Just let me know if you think you'll be up to making a lovebird shirt for me sometime. :)

Dusty said...

Oh my goodness, I totally missed that you are pregnant again! Congratulations! A happy and healthy nine months to you!