Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boy Oh BOYS!

At what we thought was our almost 18 week ultrasound yesterday, we were greeted with this picture...ultrasound_1

a beautiful profile of our second son!

It turns out this little boy, already trying to keep up with his big brother, is a bit of an over-achiever in the size department. So much so that my doctor felt the due date was probably off, and moved my me from 17 weeks 6 days to 19 weeks even with a due date of September 21! I know that I was no more pregnant at 10 am yesterday than I was walking into that ultrasound room at 9:30, but boy does 19 weeks make me feel more pregnant! That's almost half-way "cooked!" :-)

It is so wonderful to me to have seen our baby's sweet face, and already begin to "know" him through this ultrasound. He seems to be much calmer than Jack was in utero, making slow flip-flop motions and light punches and kicks, as opposed to Jack's full-body limb flailing and head bobbing. As a matter of fact, this ultrasound was much shorter that the one we had with Jack, mostly because the tech had to try to measure Jack's head over and over, as he moved it all around, earning him the nickname Stevie Wonder. This second sweet boy was very laid back, a trait I can only wonder whether he'll hang onto on this side of the womb. :-)

And here are just a few more pictures of our little guy...



and his already huge feet. :-)



Andes Adventures said...

Again, we're sooo excited for you! Another sweet baby boy-can't wait to meet him!

amosclarkson said...

Yay for boys! AND he has MY birthday for a due date!! He's going to be a great kid, that's for sure :) I can't believe you are almost halfway there, either...seems like you just told us you were expecting yesterday! Very happy for you!

Anjanette said...

YAY! Pregnancy goes by so quickly! geesh! Keep enjoying it - congrats on another little man! :)