Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Eggs!

Jack, Kennison and I decorated (and I use that term loosely!) Easter eggs today! It was actually a great and fairly contained time. I bought a little kit at the dollar store that had a "magic crayon," stickers, and three little dye tablets.


Jack coloring his egg with the crayon. He actually got quite a few scribbles on the eggs! I also put a sticker on his nose, and he totally didn't care! I think it stayed on until dinner!


Kennison with the eggs. She wanted me to let you know that hers are pink.


Taking a snack break while waiting on eggs in the dye.


Our finished products! Two stayed white decorated with just stickers after Kennison dropped them and they cracked! We also made Colton one, even though he was sleeping, and Kennison insisted he wanted purple! :-)


amosclarkson said...

We bought that kit too and plan to do it this weekend sometime. Fun! Although I am afraid Eli will throw the eggs on the floor like he does his food...yikes!

Andes Adventures said...

That looks like it was very fun and a huge success. What a fun mommy/auntie you are!