Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with my mom visiting. Here's a short recap!

Jack and Gigi played from the moment she got here on Friday. They put balls in silly places...


relaxed together...


hid balls in the yard instead of Easter eggs...

DSC03297   DSC03301

colored with MARKERS for the first time...


(dude, what's on my hands?!)


and acted super silly. :-)

Mom and I also made our traditional bunny cake! Yum!


Easter morning we got up and Jack got to open his Easter basket. He ate breakfast half-clothed so as not to mess up his church shirt...

DSC03321 DSC03324

and we left for church with Mike's family. Unfortunately we were only in the service for about 5 minutes when my knee popped out of socket after turning around for the passing of the peace. That's a whole 'nother post. I limped downstairs with Jack, Mom and Mike in tow to get my leg elevated and iced, and luckily the service was piped down over the speakers so we at least got to hear the Resurrection story. They even brought communion down to us! Jack also got to run around, which I'm sure he found much nicer than sitting quietly, and I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of him in his Easter attire.

DSC03326 DSC03329DSC03327 DSC03335   DSC03333

Then we headed to Mike's parents for Friedrich Easter dinner! It was a wonderful time! My mom headed home tonight, and though we are sad, Jack and I get to see her again in a little over a month!

I'm behind in my blogging, but stay tuned for a pregnancy update and other adventures!

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amosclarkson said...

Sorry to hear about your knee! That cake is too cute!