Friday, April 24, 2009


Ah, the life of a 3 year old! Kennison is too funny and constantly makes me giggle at her- even when she's being naughty and I shouldn't! Hanging out with her, I honestly can't wait until Jack is 3 so I can laugh just as hard at him! Here is a favorite Kennison-ism as of late...

We're driving in the car (the 3 kids and me) to Allison's school program last night. All of the sudden Kennison starts crying... like someone ripping her toenails out screaming. I try to talk to her, but she won't answer. I even consider stopping the car on the interstate to see if she's seriously hurt. She eventually calms down after I bribe her with candy and my phone. When we get to the school the following conversations takes place.

Me: Kennison what was the matter? Were you hurt? mad? sad?

(she shakes her head no to each)

Me: Were you scared?

Kennison: yes (still occasionally doing that air gasp thing you do after heavy crying)

Me: What scared you?

Kennison: There was sumping on my window!

Me: What was it?

Kennison: It was a (air gasp) wadybug!

Apparently ladybugs are fit-worthy!

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