Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A dirty day!

This weekend Mike and I decided to plant a few herbs and plants in the front, and Jack just had to get in on the action.

DSC04014 DSC04015

It started out innocently enough...

 DSC04016 DSC04017

but soon escalated into a total dirt-fest!

DSC04018 DSC04019

Seriously, if you can't see his face, click on the pictures to make them bigger!


Jack was a trooper, and even helped us clean up. :-)

DSC04025-1 DSC04026

Instead of washing off, we just stripped him down and threw him in the pool in the backyard.

And in case you're just dying to see, here's what Jack planted today!


Our tomato plants


Our house front, with bushes (that need a good trimming), newly planted strawberry plants, and window boxes with: cilantro (for yummy salsa), jalapenos, marigolds (to keep the birds away), chives, and basil (for yummy pesto)!

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