Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Charlie's Layette

I've been busy this spring/summer getting things made for our sweet new addition. Because the gender/timing of Charlie is just perfect, we basically don't need anything for him in the way of clothes/accessories, etc. So I've committed myself to not buying anything much in the way of baby stuff this time around! I still wanted Charlie to have a few special "just his" things, and I love making things for my kiddos. Thus, Charlie's layette is an assortment of items I've made just for him! :-)


Charlie's Burrito Blankie


Choo Choo Applique


Teenie Blankie with Taggies


Burp Cloth

DSC03735 DSC03740

Choo Choo and Initial Onesie


Coming Home Outfit?


Homemade Babylegs 





I found these mittens and booties on clearance at Target (for $1!). Even though we don't need them, I got them and made Charlie a coordinating lion onesie with sweet blue stitching around the neckline.

DSC04375  DSC03526

Charlie's Lil Bro Shirt to match his big brother's shirt!


Burp Rags in an assortment of prints/colors


Sea Creature Burp Rags and Bib Set


Anjanette said...

you amaze me. Seriously. I ended up making Aidan a (as in one) bib that he didn't wear b/c I thought he was a "she," a diaper cover that I didn't finish knitting until he was too big for it, and a hat that was too small for my big boy's head. lol! Gonna try to do better this time. We're hoping to find out the gender this time so maybe that will help?

amosclarkson said...

LOVE THEM ALL! You are very good at this....do you have a business doing this stuff (wink, wink)?