Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting ready for baby... for the Big Brother


I've been crafting a few things for Jack for when Charlie comes. I'm thinking we'll give it to him when he comes to visit in the hospital. I appliqued a J to a plain canvas bag (sorry about the weird lighting),


and filled it will baby things, mostly made out of the same fabric that I made Jack's blanket out of a few months ago.

Jack's Blanket


He is very attached to his blanket, so I purposely didn't make anything for Charlie out of that fabric. No need to encourage sibling rivalry!

Diapers/ Bib/ Burp Cloth/ Mini Blankie


I used this Martha Stewart Black Apple Doll Template to make a cloth doll for Jack. It isn't my best sewing work, and Mike think it looks like the baby has a mullet. Oh well! I had to alter it, because the original doll has girlie hair and is wearing a dress. I don't think Jack will mind that it's a little weird looking.


I also made him a baby sling, blue with red lining (it's reversible!) to wear his baby in while I wear Charlie.


I didn't have him try his on yet, but I did have him try on another one I was working on- for sizing and doll placement. Don't tell Mike I put our boy in purple- he didn't seem to mind! :-)


I'm also planning on recording a CD of me singing some of Jack's favorite songs/ saying bedtime prayers/ reading a favorite book or two for while we're in the hospital, and hopefully I'll get to it sooner rather than later!

And lastly, I made Jack this bear shirt to match the bear outfit we have for Charlie. My embroidery leave something to be desired, but overall I'm pleased how it came out.



amosclarkson said...

Okay, so when I'm pregnant with #2, I'm going to have to come back to your blog to remind myself to do some of things you are doing to prepare for baby: cooking/freezing & prepping Jack primarily...since I can't it!!

Anjanette said...

random unrelated (to *this* post at least) question: how do you freeze your soups? I have a recipe ( want to try b/c I have a ton of tomatoes right now, but don't want to EAT it right now...

MaryAnne said...

These things you made for Jack are so cute! I love your singing/reading CD idea for while you are in the hospital, too.