Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tool Bag

So I've been on a huge handmade gift kick lately, just in time for all of Jack's friends to have birthdays! I thought you all might enjoy reading about some of my creative endeavors. :-)


For Eli, who Jack and I met at our nursing support group when Jack was 4 days old, I wanted to do something really special. He loves art, so I appliqued his name on a canvas bag and filled it with art goodies.


This tool belt I modeled after one I saw on Etsy, and rather than putting traditional tools in it, I found some playdough tools.

DSC04599 DSC04596 DSC04598

Then I made this play mat... it is chalkboard fabric on one side (did you even know there was such a thing? I didn't and I'm in love! Hello handmade Christmas gifts!) and cotton fabric covered with vinyl on the other, making it easy to wipe off/clean. It rolls up for easy travel. I thought this might be a fun out to eat placemat, too!


I also used my new silicone number and letters sets to make crayons of Eli's name, along with the number 2.

I stuck in some playdough, and viola! I hope Eli loves it!


Anjanette said...

It was an awesome gift!

amosclarkson said...

YES, YES, YES HE LOVES IT!!! It is too adorable and he loves the play-doh tools and mat. He's not into wearing the apron yet, but he will someday :) I love it all and Eli & I cannot thank you enough for your hard work in creating the gift. We are lucky you & Jack are our friends!!

MaryAnne said...

Great gift! Where do you buy your chalkboard fabric? It looks very cool.

Tori said...

MaryAnne- I think I got the chalkboard fabric at It's a bit expensive, but totally worth it!