Saturday, August 8, 2009

Makeover! Part 2

As promised, our guestroom/playroom/crafting room and master bedroom.

The Playroom


The daybed with Jack's toddler couch.


Oh how I love my sewing desk and huge ironing/cutting table! Since I almost exclusively use my computer downstairs anyhow, we move all things electronic downstairs.


My sewing machine, all shiny and clean back from the shop.


The bookshelves/toys. Yes, I have too many books. If you can believe it, there are boxes and boxes of books in our garage that didn't make the limited space cut. I'm addicted, and I'm ok with that. :-)


Master Bedroom

Ok, so our bedroom looks pretty much just like it has since we got married. We did recently get "grown-up" furniture- a chest, dresser, and two bedside tables that actually match and go well with our bed!

DSC04456 DSC04453 DSC04454

And, can I tell you how much I LOVE re-purposing this old kitchen island as a folding table in the space just outside our laundry room? I do- I really love it!


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