Friday, August 7, 2009


Ha! Did you think I got a makeover? :-) Not really my thing.

What is my thing, however, is making over rooms in my house, especially in preparation for a sweet new little boy who will soon be joining our family. :-)

My mom was such a huge help this summer in getting things done so everything was just the way I wanted it. I'll post pictures of the boys' rooms now, and our revamped guest room/playroom/SEWING room (woo hoo!) and master bedroom tomorrow.

So without further ado...

The Nursery

The nursery hasn't changed much since Jack was in it. I've just added a few special touches to make it "Charlie's." We also moved our old master bedroom furniture into it when we got our new "grown up" furniture. Jack's furniture and crib moved to his new room, so we are borrowing Mike's old crib from his parents. You may notice there's no mattress yet... don't worry, we'll get there!


The best rocking chair EVER, with Charlie's new monogrammed blanket make for him by Mee-maw. (Um, Geraldine, I have NO IDEA how to spell that!) In case you can't tell, Jack has renamed his Grandma!


The crib and toy chest. I didn't catch it in the picture, but above the crib says "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" which is the song/prayer my mom sang to me, and that I now sing to Jack- and will soon sing to Charlie!


Our old dresser- turned changing table. My mom and I found the dresser/ night table set at Goodwill for super cheap when I moved out to MO and painted it to match my bedroom. It moved perfectly to the nursery!


My favorite new feature of the nursery- the name banner I made for sweet Charlie . What's that, you want to see it closer?

charlie banner

I just love how it turned out!


Jack's Big Boy Room


The view from the door. My mom and I made the curtains, crib skirt and bumpers.


The rocking chair and bookshelf with toys and books


The dresser/changing table with changing pad my mom made from fabric scraps.


Jack's crib.  The bumpers were such a pain to make, but I knew what I wanted and nothing else would do! Crazy nesting hormones! :-) I appliqued planes on the back two and on the blanket Jack will use as a comforter when we turn the crib into a toddler bed.


Jack's closet- we were able to fit an old dresser in there for extra storage. Awesome!


Table and chairs for playing "tea party" along with sun mirror and movable clock. I made the placemats so he can start learning where his pretend silverware, etc. goes. :-)


Rather than hanging lots of art, etc. up high on his walls, I hung some manipulative toys at eye level like this magnet board and chime set. So far, it's a big hit!


And behind the door, a hook for his hanging items, and his favorite make-believe friend! You should have seen his face when he discovered that poster!


amosclarkson said...

You are such a great designer/crafter! LOVE the boys' rooms and the color of Jack's room is great! I love the transportation theme...Jack will love Eli's party, then, too! I can tell you worked really hard on putting it all together...looks amazing!

Amy said...

Tori you amaze me with all your creativity and re-purposing! All of your hard work looks great and you look very prepared for the arrival of Charlie...when is the due date again?