Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sink Play

I've been waiting for Jack to be old enough for this fun and open-ended activity: sink play. Always a favorite of Kennison's, I finally felt like he was big/old/coordinated enough to stand on a chair at the sink (and not fall off!)while I work in the kitchen.

Sink play involves any variation of the following materials:

sink full of dishsoap bubbles

big spoons/spatulas, etc.

cups/measuring cups, etc. for pouring

plastic toys

plastic play food

scrub brushes/sponges/washcloths

Kennison has also always enjoyed some paintbrushes and colored liquid soap, to "paint" dishes. She's so good that I can give her some mildly dirty plastic dishes and she can wash and rinse them. Jack's not there yet. :-)

DSC04567 DSC04568

Yes, I ended up with water all over the floor under the sink. Yes, next time I will be prepared and put a BIG absorbent towel under his chair. And yes, it was totally worth all the work I got done in the kitchen while Jack spent time exploring and learning!

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amosclarkson said...

Great idea! I would be concerned about Eli tumbling off the chair, too. Glad to see he didn't do that! Maybe I'll give it a try sometime soon...