Thursday, September 24, 2009

Best Brothers

Are you guys sick of the brothers posts yet? Too bad! Did I mention I'm loving my boys? Oh, I did. Again, too bad! :-)


Yesterday I put the boys in matching clothes and tried for a very simple photo shoot to put in the new header for my blog (by the way, didn't Nikki do an awesome job?!).


The result was a whole bunch of flops, involving Jack rubbing his hands in Charlie's face...


and Charlie screaming for help. :-)


However, I did ultimately get the shot I was looking for.


Then Jack insisted that he needed to take pictures, and kept trying to steal my camera from me. I got out our old, broken camera and let him have at it. His token line?


"Say smile!" Ha! Gotta love that kid!

In other news, just so you don't think our life is all sunshine and roses, last night was rough. Jack started crying at about 10. I went upstairs for about half an hour to rock and pat, to no avail (might have something to do with the fact that he's used to coming to snuggle with me when he wakes up in the night, no longer an option with a baby who wakes up at all hours). So Mike and I traded kids- he went into Jack's room and I took Charlie to our room to get to sleep. An hour and a half later, Charlie and I had been asleep for a while, and Jack was still fussing anytime Mike left the room. Mike came in to change Charlie's diaper (he was up and hungry again) and we made the decision to just let Jack cry, seeing no other option. He actually only cried about 5 more minutes, but it was a heartbreaking rendition of "Mama, Daddy, Gigi! Daaaaaaddy!" Then, Jack was up at 6. Yikes!

Good thing they're cute!



MaryAnne said...

We're having the same night issues with our toddler - if you come up with any magic solutions please let me know?

Your two boys are adorable!

Anjanette said...

cute cute CUTE! Love the blog design - she did an excellent job!

Lauren said...

Jack's haircut is soooo cute :)