Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jack. Charlie.

First Wk Home (8) 


DSC04892 DSC04882


 First Wk Home (9)


DSC04897 DSC04896



I'm totally over the moon with both of my boys. And the fact that I have to look at the dates (or the couch) on these pictures to make sure I have the right boy?

Love. It. :-)


MaryAnne said...

They really do look like the same baby - and they are both adorable!

Rachel said...

Wow! Their hair coloring looks slightly different, but they could definitely be mistaken for the same baby!!! Both cuties for sure!

Andes Adventures said...

I can so tell that you are the happiest person in the world these days! God totally blessed these boys with a wonderful mommy. Can't wait to see you this afternoon.

Lauren said...

aawwww... the bottom one on the left looks like Coco!

Lauren said...

Jack's head was bigger hahaha

amosclarkson said...

They DO look so much alike! How wonderful. See you all on Sunday!

Julie said...

They totally look alike! How fun! I didn't know Jack as a tiny baby, so I enjoyed looking at his baby pictures and seeing the resemblance! I can't wait to meet Charlie! I love reading your blog Tori...you do such a nice job and it looks (and reads) great!