Saturday, September 19, 2009


DSC04748 DSC04747

Jack, enjoying his first ever ice cream cone, the day before he became a big brother.

Charlie's NICU stay delayed the boys' introduction to one another by several days. Although Jack came up to visit me each day in the hospital, and siblings are allowed in the NICU, we decided that it would be better for Jack (and the other babies in the NICU) if we waited to introduce them until Charlie came home.

Jack did sport his Big Bro t-shirt the day after Charlie was born, however.

DSC04789 DSC04792

Jack was so ready for a nap when Charlie first got home that I'm fairly certain he didn't even notice him at first. Gigi loved getting some long-awaited snuggles in, though.

DSC04827 DSC04826

Jack practiced touching baby's feet, and even gave him a few kisses.

DSC04832 DSC04833

He also got to open his big brother gift, and has spent a little time playing with Jack's baby.

DSC04835 DSC04836

Of course, I've enjoyed some snuggle time with both of my boys.


A few of Jack's observations about his new brother:

"What's in there?" (asking about what's in the bassinet)

"Baby crying?" (even when he's not)

(upon seeing that Charlie's pacifier had fallen out of his mouth) "Oh, no! Charlie bottle broken!"

"What is his name?" (a constant question)


Andes Adventures said...

Yay for Friedrich brothers! We can't wait for Andes sisters!!!

amosclarkson said...

"What IS his name?"...too cute!! So glad you are all home & I'm sure Jack already is an excellent big brother.