Friday, September 18, 2009

Charlie the Well Baby


Thursday morning at midnight Charlie was released to come room in with me. His NICU nurse had to come every hour to check on him, but we still had a great night. For the most part, he slept in two hour increments and nursed in between. I'm sure he was happy to nurse on demand after his strict NICU 3 hour schedule. See his smile?!


The next morning Charlie was circumcised, took his hearing screening (which he passed!) and was examined by his pediatrician. Then he was released to come home! Here are pictures of him in his coming home outfit!

DSC04814 DSC04815 DSC04818 DSC04820 DSC04822

And Charlie in his car seat... he warmed up to it. :-)

DSC04824 DSC04825


Rachel said...

He is so handsome Tori! Congratulations!! I love his coming home cute! So glad you all are home and healthy! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

Andes Adventures said...

I love all the "especially made for Charlie" items you created for his arrival. They are all so cute and he is super-cute in them. He looks great, Tori!

amosclarkson said...

The pic of Charlie crying in his carseat looks like Jack! Too funny. The outfits are too adorable & they look like they fit him great!