Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Charlie's Birth

Mostly for my own memory, I want to record Charlie's birth story. Enjoy reading, unless you're squeamish, in which case, skip down to the bottom and enjoy just the pictures!

At my 38 week appointment my doctor and I decided to induce at 39 weeks, due mainly to my high blood pressure. After being induced with Jack, I had originally hoped to avoid that route this time, but intense contractions every evening for three weeks leading up to his birth and the risks of my high BP gave me peace about the situation.

Mike and I got to the hospital Monday morning at 6 am, changed into my gown, and got my IV in. My doctor came by to check me and break my water at 7. I was dilated to 4 cm and 90% effaced. She told me that if I wanted an epidural (I did!)  not to wait too long, because labor could go quickly. I didn't really believe her.

The pitocin started to do it's thing, and after two painful contractions I asked to get in line for an epidural, since she said not to wait. I felt silly asking for it for minor pain, but by the time anesthesia got to the room about 15 minutes later, I was having to breathe through almost constant contractions. They sat me up and got to work. First needle in, but the catheter drew blood, so they had to start over. Second needle in, and the doctor kept hitting a nerve. He tried for over 30 minutes, and finally decided it just wasn't working for him. They called for a second anesthesiologist who came, started a third needle, and was successful in placing the spinal catheter, an hour after the ordeal began. Oh, wow. In about 10 minutes I was numb from the waist down, and much happier. :-) It was 9:30 am and my mom was dropped off by Allison.

They placed my catheter (you know, the other one) and checked me. I was fully  effaced and dilated to a 9, and they told Mike he wasn't allowed to leave and get breakfast! They started bringing in all the baby paraphernalia and transforming the room from labor to delivery. My doctor walked in at 10:05, robed up, and asked if I was ready to push. I honestly answered that I had no idea, since I couldn't feel ANYTHING! But at 10:12 or so I started pushing, pushed through three contractions, and at 10:19 Charles Jeffery Friedrich was born! As simple as that! He weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and was 20 inches long, with beautiful long blond hair. He looked just like a mini version of his big brother when he was born.

And now for the pictures...

DSC04757 DSC04760

Brand new

DSC04762 DSC04767

All cleaned up

DSC04763 DSC04765

With Mama and Daddy


First Bath


All Dressed Up


With Gigi

Part II of Charlie's birth story to follow shortly...

And just for fun, a comparison of Jack (left) and Charlie's (right) first birthdays:

Delivery Room (20)  DSC04768

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