Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting ready for baby... a nursing cover!

One of the few things I felt like I really "needed" for my second little one was a good nursing cover. I looked online, was shocked at the prices, and decided I could make one myself.

I made it reversible, with an adjustable neck strap, a pocket, toy loop, and collar with boning in it so I can peek in on Charlie when he's eating.

I'm hoping this nursing cover is going to make feeding Charlie in public easier than feeding Jack was! Jack was always kicking  or batting off the blanket, and now I'll have a toddler in addition to a nursing baby. I'm especially looking forward to using it on airplanes, as that can be a challenging place to nurse.

And for the pictures...


You can see how the neck is stiff so I can peek in and so Charlie can breathe!


Here's the front with the pocket and toy ring.


And the back... or front if I reverse it!

... and this is the matching burp cloth and wipes case I made with fabric scraps.



Here is a cover I made for a friend to give as a baby shower gift! I appliqued a paw print on the front pocket.


And another of the rag burp cloths to match!



Amy said...

You are so stinkin' talented!

MaryAnne said...

These turned out great!

Anjanette said...

Congrats!! Just heard the news!! yay!

IncogKnito said...

Lovely sewing! As expected!