Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Alternately titled: In which Tori and Allison dork out while meeting a celebrity

Allison and I got the opportunity to meet Ree Drummond, otherwise known to the entirety of blog land as Pioneer Woman. About a month ago, Allison called me and told me I should buy a copy of her new cookbook, and sign up to go to the book signing with her. So I did. She forgot. I didn't sign up for an extra ticket, but somehow one got assigned to me because when Allison finally went to reserve her spot (like last week), they were sold out! Lucky Allison!

Anyway, back to the signing. We left the big kids with alternate caregivers, and headed out with Charlie to Will Wyatt's Cowboy Couture to meet PW. We got there a little early (shocking, I know) and were sent upstairs to "shop" and wait. And wait. Apparently Miss Ree is veerrrrry popular in KC. Who knew! But we found a chaise lounge to sit on (which had a storage compartment for a GUN CASE in the side... and was labled as such) and started reading through the cookbook.

When we first started waiting, they were taking tickets 1-65. We were 132 and 133. We walked around a bit, and by the time we sat down they were taking up to 75. They quickly walked through and announced to come down if you were up through 100. Then shortly after 120 and 125.

Then we sat. And sat. Finally, someone came through and announced 120! Um, hello? We've already done 120! Once we finally got downstairs, time passed quickly. Allison could finally buy her book, and I posed with mine...


Like how I let everyone know that there was a baby under that blanket named Charlie? That's because so often when I'm wearing him in the sling and take the blanket off of him someone will come over and say, "Oh, wow! I didn't know you had a baby in there!" Why exactly do they think I have a huge bulge in front of me with a blanket draped over it? I don't know. I just figured giving the bulge a name might help. :-)

We made friends with some of the people in line- and they even offered to take our picture on the wall of boots. Please excuse the awkward way my head is turning that makes me look like I have multiple chins. I had a baby 2 months ago, remember?!


By the way, Kenny, Allison found a pair she wants for only $1,625.

Charlie was good as gold...


...but all the waiting meant that he got hungry before we got to the front of the line. So, I did what any mama would do- I nursed him standing in line- even though in 19 months of nursing Jack I'd never nursed that publicly! As soon as I started feeding him one of Ree's "people" came up and asked if I wanted to move to the front of the line. Really, nice, but I declined, seeing as I was half naked under the blanket! Charlie totally finished eating before the big moment.


Allison was first.

But the real star of the show was Charlie, who was held by a celebrity for the first (and let's face it, probably last) time! :-)


Apparently something on Charlie's hands was suddenly very interesting to him, but we were pretty psyched to meet Ree and get our books signed!


amosclarkson said...

Looks fun! Don't know who she is but that would be because I DON'T COOK!! :)

Anjanette said...

LOL!! I would totally be "dorking out" too! Very cool!