Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Homemade Birthday, Part II

Here are the gifts Jack will be getting from Mama, Daddy and Charlie at his family party in a couple of weeks. I hope he loves them and that they encourage his imagination!

Jack's new cape. Side 1 is Captain Pickles (a character he loves on Barney).


Side 2 is modeled after Super Why's (another TV character he likes) cape.


Both characters wear a green mask.


An I Spy Bag- thanks to Beef (yeah, the person, not the food :) for the idea!


All the items in the bag. I printed this as a picture, and I'm going to laminate it and attach to the handle so he can "play" by himself when he gets older.

I Spy

A crayon wallet. I'm hoping this helps at church.


The inside. The left has spaces for crayons, pencils, etc. The right has a pocket for a notebook, coloring pages, etc.


The crayon wallet filled with goodies!


See Part I if you missed Jack's awesome shirts!


Amy said...

You are stinkin' amazing! Jack is gonna LOVE this stuff.

Rachel said...

I love it all!!! Great job!

Anjanette said...

One question: when do you sleep??? :P

IncogKnito said...

YAY! Awesome stuff! You used my I Spy bag thingy, too! Love it! I think I want to make a cape for myself as well.