Thursday, November 19, 2009


Because I know you're dying to know... here are the boys' stats from their joint doctor's appointment earlier in the week. Both did well, and apart from Jack talking the poor doctor's head off, were both as well behaved as I would expect them to be at the doctor! Yay for successful joint outings- makes me feel like I can take them places together. :-)

Jack at 2 years


Weight- 29 lbs. 9 oz.- 70%

Height- 34.5"- 75%

Head Circ.- 20"- 85%

A few highlights of age appropriate skills Jack exhibits:

Forms sentences (more like paragraphs in his case :-)

Names body parts

Follows directions

Sorts objects

Understands consequences

Makes a tower with blocks/objects

Takes off clothing (though I wish he didn't!)

Jumps/ Walks up and down steps

Turns pages one at a time

Emerging skills/skills to work on:

Distinguishing between male/female

Turns door knobs (I SO am not ready for him to be able to do this!)

Indicates toileting needs

Imitates vertical lines when drawing (not yet, but he can draw circles!)

Puts on clothing/coat


Charlie at 2 months


Weight- 11 lbs. 11 oz.- 50%

Height- 23.25"- 65%

Head Circ.- 15.5"- 25%

(Just in case you're curious, at 2 months Jack weighed 13 lbs. 11 0z. [90%] and was 24" long [85%]. Charlie seems SO LITTLE to us!)

A few highlights of age appropriate skills Charlie exhibits:

Regards faces and his own hand

Responds to sounds and voices


Responsive/ spontaneous/ social smiles

Recognizes parents

Follows objects to midline

Lifts head 45 degrees

Emerging skills:


Lifts head and chest (can do this for a few seconds)

Bears weight on legs

Head steady while sitting (can also do this for a little while)

Follows objects past midline


All in all, we are so thankful for two healthy, thriving boys!

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the holocaust said...

Does Charlie have my pea-sized head? When in chemo, I couldn't wear hats because they didn't make them small are osfa. Last week I tried on ball caps at work; I couldn't wear the bigger kids but the toddler sized worked well...go figure!