Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve in Jacksonville

... where it was 70 degrees. :-)

Luckily, Mike made it out of Kansas City just in time. KC got hit by a "blizzard" and had he left a few hours later, I'm afraid he wouldn't have made it. Because we went straight from picking him up at the airport to the children's Christmas Eve service, I didn't get any pictures of the boys in their Christmas outfits. But trust me, they were cute! Here are Charlie and Aunt Lala after church.


In our family it is tradition to open one gift on Christmas Eve... new pajamas to wear Christmas Eve night. Unfortunately, when I bought them, I was thinking of Missouri winter and not Florida winter... so it was too hot to wear them to bed!


Jack got to open both boys' pj's, and we saved them to put on the next morning for gift opening.


Gigi (my mom) got all the grown-ups new pj's too... and as you'll see in my Christmas morning post, she got me, her, and my sister matching ones. How fun!

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Lauren said...

Charlie looks JUST like Coco in the first picture!