Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Shopping in January?


One of the ways I budget for Christmas is to start shopping immediately after Christmas for the next year. Throughout the year, I look for good deals on things I would buy for family/friends anyway.

I make this work by using two important rules:

  • I buy for a specific person (or group of people, or event) not just a general "hmm... this would make a great gift..." except for very special circumstances. This stops me from picking up lots of stuff I don't need, and will never give away.
  • I keep an inventory on my computer (synced to my iPod touch) of people I need to buy for, any ideas I have for them, what I've purchased, and any necessary materials, if it's something I'm going to make. ( I also have birthdays and other occasions I need to buy for on that list.) I have a dedicated cabinet in my house for storing future gifts, because there's nothing worse than not being able to find something you purchased six months ago.

With that said, I was SO sad to see that Let's Explore, one of my favorite sources for open-ended toys, is closing! The loss was also my gain, though, as I ordered a couple of the toys that have been on my wishlist for the boys, to save for next Christmas (or birthdays, maybe), and a couple of birthday gifts for some littles in our lives. Everything in the store is 40% off, and it looks like most things are still in stock, although probably not for long!

Just thought some of you mamas of toddlers might be interested!

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