Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Day!!!

Snow is a plenty here in KC. This week it's very snowy and (below) freezing, but these are actually from last week, when it was snowy, but not so cold. Meaning, of course, that it was in the 20's.

DSC06314 DSC06311DSC06325

The three big kids adored playing in the snow. They were much more into it than last year, when they just kind of stood/sat  in it and looked at us (see picture below).

Dec 08 (81) 

Yep, Jack can still wear the same snowsuit that he wore last year... which coincidentally is Mike's old snowsuit!


Charlie's first time in the snow was a total success. He slept through the whole thing all toasty in his snowsuit!


Kennison made her first snow angel. The boys weren't too keen on the idea of laying down in the snow.


After about a half hour outside, the adults had had enough! This is how Jack felt about us making him go inside...

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