Friday, February 5, 2010

New V-Day Shirts

I'd been in a little of a creative funk lately, but last week I found a little of my sewing mojo. As a result, some very special kids around here got some Monkey Stitch Valentine's Day outfits. :-)


Jack, Kennison and Colton will be stylin in their matching LOVE shirts.


Charlie got a little outfit, and his girlfriend Madi got a matching one! I sewed a little piece of velcro on the pocket of a hoodie, then made these little removable hearts with velcro backs to stick on. Each got an initial heart, plus one with a luv saying, candy heart style. Charlie's says "Be Mine"...


and Madi's says "Luv U." After V-Day I'll be able to make a little animal or something to velcro to Charlie's so he's not wearing hearts for three more months. :-)


I found these little outfits (you can't see in the pics, but they have matching yoga pants) at Walmart a while ago for $1 an outfit, and I've been saving them for a very special project... I thought this was the perfect way to use them!

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