Thursday, February 4, 2010

Writing on the wall window

Even though I haven't blogged about it in a looong time, toddler learning time happens (almost) daily around here.

One of our current favorite activities is using the foam bathtub letters and numbers to decorate the storm door. Jack gets a kick out of spraying the window, arranging his letters, and even wiping the glass clear with a microfiber cloth after.


What a ham...


He's doing really well at recognizing his letters! He knows maybe half of the alphabet, with new "sight letters" U, R, and W added recently.


Yes, that's still our fall wreath hanging up. What can I say, I really love it. :-)

We've emerged from our status as the Friedrich Infirmary. Charlie had his first go at a respiratory and double ear infection. The littles and I had pink eye. It was good times around here for about a week, but we're all feeling much better and thriving!

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