Thursday, April 28, 2011

Going Home

The boys and I spent last week in Florida with my family. We had such a good time hanging out with Gigi, Papa and Lala, swimming, and staying up waaaay past our bedtimes.

I always do such a terrible job of taking pictures when I’m at home, because I’m just too busy playing to remember my camera. So, some (mostly) verbal highlights of the trip:

Flying there was an adventure in itself. We got stuck for hours in Memphis when our plane broke down (after we had taxied all the way out to the runway, returned to the gate and sat on the plane for 30 mins.- yes, the boys love it :). The flight was canceled so we were sent to Atlanta, then RAN to catch a plane to Jax. Did I mention I didn’t bring a stroller? Oy. But we got there!charlie plane.bmp

Papa took Jack to the park on Wednesday while Charlie came to the office with me for a bit. Jack was so excited to have a date with Papa!

The boys swam every day we were there, even though I thought the water was FREEZING! They did not care one bit! Jack even learned to swim in the deep in with no (human) help!

jack pool.bmp

Jack wore my old Superman cape almost the whole time. He was very serious about rescuing those of us in danger.DSC08601

The last night we were there we went out to dinner with Lauren and her boyfriend to celebrate her birthday. Charlie and Adi became fast friends. Notice La in the corner trying to stay out of the picture. Nice try sis!DSC08597

We miss you guys already and can’t wait for summer to see you again!


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