Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trip to the Fire Station!

About a year and a half ago, we got a chance to tour the Oak Grove fire station, and Jack loved it. (You can see pics from that trip here.) In fact, often when we see a fire truck he’ll ask if it’s going to “Jenna’s fire house.” So when Jenna’s mom asked if we’d like to tour the NEW station with some friends, we couldn’t miss the chance! And this time, Charlie was just as excited as his big brother.


All of the kiddos got the chance to pretend to drive!


We brought Colton along for a “boys trip,” and because he came last time too!


(The picture quality is terrible, I know. With three boys to look after I managed to forget my camera in the car. But at least my phone had a camera to capture something!)


All the kiddos lined up…


(Also known as the pictures where Charlie let a stranger hold him without pitching a fit. Miracle, I tell you!)

Here’s the picture of the kiddos last time. Look how little they were! And, of course, last time Charlie and Madi were being worn in carriers, and Anna was in her mama’s tummy!

April 2010 (34)


Charlie the fireman. Speaking of this little man, he got to bring home two very real souvenirs from his trip to the fire station. One bump on the noggin, and one “Decline for Hospital Transfer” form. That’s right. The kids got to play with one of the water hoses that leaked a little water onto the slick concrete of the garage where we were looking at the trucks. Charlie slipped in the water and wiped out right onto the back of his head. After he calmed down, one of the medical techs decided they needed to do an exam on him to make sure he was ok. So, we got to sit in the back of the ambulance where they checked his vitals and pupils, determined he was probably fine, and I got to sign a waiver that we didn’t wish to be transferred to a hospital.

And here people were afraid I’d go into labor at the fire station. Never a dull moment!


Anjanette said...

Never a dull moment indeed!! My lttle sister just became a firefighter and the kids got to go to her station on Friday. They LOVEd it- and I definitely have to admit that fire trucks are super cool.

Gina said...

Joey loves fire trucks, too. Granted, his daddy is a firefighter, so of course my husband had him in the cab of a fire truck at 3 weeks old. I don't think Joey will ever get tired of going on trips to the fire station.