Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy 1 Month, Joshua!


At one month you:

  • weigh 11.3 lbs. (75%)- the biggest of your brothers at this age by almost a pound!
  • are 22 3/4in. tall (90%)- again, the longest of your brothers!
  • eat about every two hours during the day, and every 3ish at night
  • still sleep for much of the day
  • have great neck muscles- and you love to be on your tummy!
  • have a "fussy time" most evenings
  • are just starting to enjoy your bath
  • like the swing and bouncy seat for short times
  • REALLY like to watch the mobile in your crib or swing
  • protest the carseat when first put in it, but then usually fall and stay asleep for a long time!
  • have smiles a few times at people talking to you
  • look like your biggest brother Jack


See this post for Charlie and Jack’s one month stats and pictures.

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