Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011 (part 2)

After Jack was sick on Saturday, Charlie ended up being sick for Halloween. Luckily, he’s 2 and didn’t really know what he was missing. Jack, Joshua and I headed to trick or treat with Kennison, Colton and Reesie.


So about that costume… for months Jack has insisted that he wanted to be Mike “Bizowski” from Monster’s Inc. I, on the other hand, thought he’d be happy as Charlie Brown, and didn’t give it a second thought.


Until, his school Halloween party, when he wanted to know WHERE his Mike Bizowski costume was. Oops! So that night I got to work!

DSC00005 (2)

I took a piece of green fleece remnant, used a sleeveless shirt as a pattern, and appliqued the eye and mouth on. Then I made boot covers and added glow in the dark paint.

I modeled it after this commercial costume I found online.


Jack took it upon himself to take a picture of me sewing it.


BFFs (when they’re not trying to kill one another). Smile

DSC00007 (2)DSC00008

Josh just wore a regular old outfit, and a little matching Mike Wazowski hat I made to match Jack’s costume.


These pictures crack me up.

DSC00012 (2)DSC00013 (2)

It was a great Halloween!


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